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“Discovering Marconi” is an international amateur radio diploma organized by the A.R.I. Radio Club of Fidenza (ITALY), IARU affiliated – -, with the patronage and historical supervision of Marconi Museum (Guglielmo Marconi Foundation).

Commemorating the 150th anniversary from the birth of the great Italian scientist (1874), this award aims to delve deeper into the thought, vision capacity and character of Guglielmo Marconi, through selected, significant fragments from some of his many public speeches, with an excursus, moving from the first scientific reports to the last radio message, he sent just a few months before his sudden death, occurred in 1937.

As summarized by Dr. Barbara Valotti, director of the Marconi Museum and curator of the relevant historical research:
“Guglielmo Marconi was the initiator of one of the most extraordinary changes and innovations at the origins of the contemporary world: his invention, a wireless telegraphy system developed in 1895, started the era of radio communications.
Thanks to his ability to combine singular technological ability and a concrete entrepreneurial spirit, Marconi dedicated himself to the development of his invention and, over the course of a career that lasted forty years, he was an inventor, entrepreneur, scientist, great protagonist and, above all, the innovator and creator of the new field he had started when he was just twenty years old: wireless communications.”

The award dedicates each month of 2024 to a specific phrase pronounced by Guglielmo Marconi, which is resumed in a single „keyword“, summarizing and characterizing its content. The special and exclusive amateur radio callsign associated with each month also contains an acronym from this keyword.

Further details, special callsigns and award rules visiting our official website.

Best regards and 73.
Cristiano Cornini ,   IW4CLV
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club President

LX entry-level licence

Luxembourg’s regulator ILR, trusted when it comes to bringing innovation to all radio amateurs, met with the local amateur radio representatives on Tuesday, 19/9/2023, to find ways to implement a national LX entry-level licence and discuss specifications and examination catalog for the soon to be presented class.

Together with RL Regulatory Liaison Officier, Claude Lenert LX1LC, participating Vice President of the Radioamateurs du Luxembourg, Mendaly Ries LX2VY, is pleased that this limited base level class will significantly simplify the entry into amateur radio as from 2024 and considers that such additions to our toolbox are crucial to bring youth to our hobby.

LX HF Marathon2024

L’association « Radioamateurs du Luxembourg », RL, invite tous ses membres à participer dans l’édition 2024 du LX-HF-Marathon.

The Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society “Radioamateurs du Luxembourg”, RL, invites all its members to participate in the 2024 edition of the LX HF Marathon.


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