Logos & Stickers

Hei fannt dir Logoen a Banneren vum RL fir op är Websäit oder QSLs-Kaarten.

RL Logo

The RL Logo exists in 4 different sizes (GIF format):

Vectorized Logos (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS) an be obtained on request by emailing

Disclaimer: The use of the RL Logo is permitted on the internet if 3 conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The RL-Logo must contain a link to
  2. The RL-Logo may only be published on pages related to amateur radio.
  3. In every use, great care should be taken to retain the “aspect ratio” of the logo and not allow it to become elongated or squashed. The colors must not be changed. Color Exception: black and white logo.

The RL Logo is copyright of the Radioamateurs du Luxembourg a.s.b.l. and cannot be commercially used without the written consent of the RL committee. ©

The use of the RL-Logo on QSL-Cards is only permitted to members of the RL.

RL Tasen – RL Mugs

RL mugs

Zwee verschidde Modeller vun RL Tasen

(RL QSL Bureau an DVC Working Group)

si fir 9 € d’Stéck ze kréien.

RL Badge

RL badge

RL Badgen si fir 1,50 € d’Stéck ze kréien.

RL Autocollants – Stickers

RL stickers

RL Autocollanten si fir 1€ d’Stéck ze kréien.

Wimpelen a Pins kann ee fir jeweils 12€ kréien.