APRS Software


  • A nice software to run APRS at Home is UI-Viewby Roger Barker (ex. G4IDE).
    Unfortunately Roger became a silent key on September 8 2004.
    You can download and register UI-View for free. Please follow the following steps:
    At the web page <http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/uiv32.htm> enter your :
    1. Callsign and your name in the fields for UI-View;
    2. then select your country in the drop-down list. (*)
    3. If you use a web-based email solution, mark „Hotmail“ (if you have a regular POP mail account don’t tick this box)
    4. Then click „Register UI-View“.
    5. Your e-mail application will open a new message with
    Call and Name in like this:
    [[ (Callsign) XY1ZAB (Name) John Smith ]]
    Don’t enter anything more in this message, just send it.
    6. After a short while you will receive a notification with the code that can easily be imported into and processed by the
    registration system.
    :: Installation Tips by DK7XE
    :: PK-auto.cmd for PK232, PKxxx user for UI-View
    :: TH-D72.cmd for TH-D72 user for UI-View
    :: TS2000.cmd for TS200 user for UI-View
  • Add-Ons can be downloaded on the Colorado Ham Hompage (link)


The TAHO.EXE open source software is able to generate UI-View maps and the associated configuration file out of the OpenStreetMap database. Its very small and easy to use.


PinPoint is free software that allows you to visually track and communicate with people using Amateur Radio (”Ham Radio”) equipment

Weather Display Lite for APRS

You can send weather data from your weather station via APRS by using the free Weather-Display LITE (aprs-Edition) software.


  • TrackOn is an innovative, easy to use program for the reception, transmission and interpretation of position beacons in ham radio. The program works with all equipment that supports the KISS Mode.
  • Webpage


  • APRS Program with multiple Maps and functionalities.
  • Webpage