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UBA Spring Contest HF-80m Phone

17 März

The UBA Section DST (Diest) invites all radio amateurs to take part in the 41th edition of the
1. Contest dates / Contest parts
– HF-80m Phone: 17 march 2024 (07.00-11.00 h UTC).
– VHF-6m Phone/CW: 24 march 2024 (07.00-11.00 h UTC).
Attention: only UTC time in the log is valid!
2. Contest call
CQ UBA contest.
3. Points
3 points / contact.
Only “point to point” contacts via the air are allowed.
4. SWL’S
Each station HEARD may be counted ONCE.
A station WORKED may appear a maximum of 10 times.
Each QSO logged must contain at least one ON station.
5. Multipliers
Each section of the UBA (group of 3 characters), sent by the ON stations member of the
UBA. Ex.: DST, OSB and LGE are 3 multipliers.
The 3 characters group XXX, sent by ON stations NOT member of the UBA.
The 3 characters group UBA, sent by the National station ON4UB & ON4UBA.
For ON stations only: all DXCC countries, except ON .
6. Reports
ON Stations: Report = RS(T) + QSO serial number starting with 001+ UBA section or XXX for
ON stations NOT member of the UBA
Ex: ON4DST – rprt given 59(9)001 DST, – rprt received 59(9)003 MCL
Foreign stations: Report = RS(T) + QSO serial number starting with 001.
Ex.: G3ZZZ – report given 59(9)005, – report received 59(9)019 DST
The QSO serial number must be continuous, regardless of the mode of transmission (VHF).
7. Non ON stations
Only QSO’s with ON stations are valid.
8. Final score
Total of QSO points x Total of MULTIPLIERS
9. Classifications
ON Stations.
ON Stations – QRP.
Foreign Stations.
Foreign Stations – QRP.SWL ON Stations.
Foreign SWL Stations.
10. QRP stations
QRP stations indicate „QRP“in the log header.
Attention : Maximum output power: CW = 5 Watts, Phone = 10 Watts
11. Trophies
The winner of each classification will receive an award if they have at least 25 valid QSO
or 25 heard stations in their log and there are at least three participants in the
A challenge cup is provided for the winning UBA section on HF and VHF. After 3
consecutive victories by the same region, this challenge cup becomes the property of
this UBA section.
12. Logs
We will only accept CABRILLO logfiles.
Rename the files to MYCALL.CBR or MYCALL.LOG where „MYCALL“ is your call sign.
(example ON4DST.CBR or ON4DST.LOG)
Information to be provided (in this order):
Transmitting stations: Band, mode, date, UTC, own callsign, report given,
callsign station worked, report received.
SWL stations: Band, mode, date, UTC, callsign station heard, report given by the station
heard, callsign station worked.
“ Cabrillo header” must include:
Your call sign.
Your name, first name and complete address.
E-Mail address.
UBA section (UBA members only).
The contest part in which you took part.
Station description and power used.
Incomplete logs will be used as „Check logs;
Note: each amateur can submit only one log per contest section, either as SWL or as a
13. Deadline
The logs must arrive at latest 2 weeks after each contest date
From the moment that a log is ACCEPTED, NO changes at or replacements of the log can be
made .
14. Disqualification
Logs where more than 5% of the claimed QSOs have false entries are disqualified.
If one person submits more than one log per contest part, these logs are disqualified.
Absence of 1 or more data from point 12 may give rise to disqualification.
15. HF bandplanning
Each participant is asked to adhere to the band plan. The IARU contest segments on 80m
should be respected
CW = 3,510 – 3,560 MHz.
SSB = 3,600 – 3,650 MHz and 3,700 – 3,775 MHz.
16. Remark
By participating, the participating stations declare:
To have worked in accordance with the applicable rules for radio amateurs in their
Accept the contest rules and any decision of the UBA Spring Contest Committee.
Good luck! The UBA spring contest committee:


17 März